Thursday, March 14, 2013

Creative critics

I recently had a creative solution I was proposing to a client and heard the dreaded, "we need to take this in front of (insert some sort of nicer name for a committee.)"  I dropped my what I thought witty, "You know, a camel is a horse designed by a committee" and laughed, but only got a blank look in return, thus sealing my fate--I had to make a creative presentation to a conference room full of people.  It's every agency person's nightmare--the dreaded "let's gain a consensus" on something that, ultimately, is much more art than science.

There's a well-known cartoon in the ad biz by labeled "The 8 Types of Bad Creative Critics."  Take a look and pick out your favorite--haven't we all encountered one of these at some time or another?

The Blender:  "Can we just merge them all together?" when presented with various options.

The Hidden Agenda:  "It doesn't meet our objectives."  "What objectives?"  "You'll just have to guess."

The Micro-Manager:  "Change the font to Times New Roman."

The Waffler:  "Let's just go back to option 18D from the first round."

The Pet Peeved:  "I can't stand the color yellow."  "But, that's the brand color!"  "Then change it..."

The Wannabe:  "How about this instead?" (holding up a hand-drawn design on a cocktail napkin)

The Wet Blanket:  "It just sucks."  "Can you be more specific?"  "No."

The Crammer:  "Add this list of benefits" (displaying a toilet roll sized list of copy points)

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