Friday, June 29, 2012


Let's wrap up this work week, shall we?

- I am shocked that TomKat is no more.  Shocked, I say...

- C'mon, admit it--you've missed the funny "Pizza! Pizza!" ads once used by Little Caesar's pizza.  Like all good ad campaigns when an advertiser needs a boost, this one is making a comeback.  Little Caesar's will launch its first national campaign in 15 years and is returning to its "Pizza! Pizza!" tagline and Little Caesar character.  Little Caesar's has $1.48B of the pizza market behind leaders Pizza Hut ($5.4B), Domino's ($3.4B) and Papa John's ($2.2B.)

- In the latest figures released by Advertising Age, Procter & Gamble tops the list of 100 Leading National Advertisers with a total 2011 U.S. spend of $4,971.5B.  General Motors is next but far behind at $3,055.7B.  The remaining advertisers in the top ten are Verizon ($2,523.0B), Comcast ($2,465.4B), AT&T ($2,359.0B), JPMorgan Chase & Co. ($2,351.8B), Ford Motor Co. ($2,141.3B), American Express ($2,125.3B), L'Oreal ($2,124.6B) and Walt Disney Co. ($2,112.2B.)  Sprint Nextel Corp. was 22nd at $1,400.0B.

- After a 10-year hiatus, Matchbox 20 is back with a new album, North, due out on September 4.

- What were the top Twitter trends for this week?  Nora Ephron topped the list followed by RIP Michael Jackson, Lugo, Now Playing, Spice Girls, Alan Turing, Happy World Music Day, San Juan, and Happy Birthday Ariana.  Writer and filmmaker Ephron died this week and this week was also the third anniversary of Jackson's death.  As for the Spice Girls, the five Brits announced this week that they are working together on a new musical, Viva Forever, which will feature many of the Spice gals' hits.

- In the "no surprise" category, Savannah Guthrie was named today to succeed Ann Curry as co-anchor of Today (NBC.)  There was no word in the crisply worded NBC statement as to whether Matt Lauer personally approved Guthrie's appointment or not.

- Shepard Fairey was asked by the Rolling Stones to update their iconic tongue logo in honor of the band's fiftieth anniversary.  That logo was unveiled this week and combines the numerals "5" and "0" into "The Rolling Stones," with the large lips and tongue artwork staying as the central design of the band's brand identity.  The original logo was designed in 1971 by John Pasche, a student at the Royal College of Art in London.

- And finally, here in the ol' cowtown, folks are licking their lips in anticipation of the July 5 opening of the Leawood outpost of Oklahoma Joe's barbecue.  The 'cue establishment is going into the space formerly occupied by TGIFriday's at 119th and Roe.

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