Saturday, June 5, 2010

Quote of the day

Gary Sherrer, vice chairman of the Kansas Board of Regents, said "There are many fine universities that aren't in major conferences. You don't have to have that to be really quality university."

Sherrer's comment was in response to the variety of reports and rumors relative to conference realignment, and the fact that Kansas and Kansas State have not been publicly mentioned in the nationwide discussion.

I would challenge Sherrer to name one "quality university," which is public, that is not a part of a major/BCS conference. Hint: There isn't one. And, that is why it's imperative that the Board of Regents of Kansas, along with the chancellors and athletic directors of both KU and KSU, get ultra-involved to ensure that these two schools aren't on the outside looking in as conferences realign into likely four super conferences.

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